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"I love Josh Nelson and Network Studio East! He always has great talent- I've found quite a few of my clients at his showcases. Not only do his students come in prepared but he knows them so well and helps them really find and work on the things that are just right for them. I am always touched by his genuine care for his students and how they do."
Heather Finn - FBI
"A great place for actors to meet with agents! I have discovered a lot of talented actors at The Network Studio East and the owner Josh really knows about the business!"
Jed Abrahams - Talent House Agency
"The Network Studios East is one of my favorite places to go to! Josh is a fantastic host and I've come across some great new talent because of him."
Nikki Vitale - Liz Lewis Casting
"Everyone benefits from the workshops hosted by the Network Studio East. The talent is fresh and the environment both professional and enjoyable. I always feel my time well spent when I do a workshop for them."
Scott Wojcik - Wojcik/Seay Casting
"I have found numerous amounts of talented actors at The Network Studio East, and it's a great and wonderful way to meet new actors!"
Michael W Rodriguez - THE ROSTER AGENCY
"Much appreciation to Joshua Nelson and The Network Studio East for outstanding work screening and preparing talent for agent/CD meetings. Having just attended an evening at Network Studio East I can report that I have already contacted two of the actor/participants and have begun sending them out"
Naomi Kolstein - Kolstein Talent Agency KTA
"The Network Studio East is a great place to find new talent. They are well organized, friendly and professional and always bring in the kind of talent that is ready to book. I always end up calling in at least a handful of actors from every seminar I attend. I have signed and had great success with many of the actors I have met there!"
Phil Cassese - Stewart Talent
"Not only does The Network Studio East allow actors the opportunity to establish industry contacts, it provides agents, managers and casting directors with an intimate setting in which to discover undiscovered talent. The Network Studio East is a vital tool in the establishment of relationships between talent and representation"
Matt Depaola - The Gersh Agency
"I have always found the most unique and talented actors through the Network Studio East. The informal question and answer is always so informative for the actors and the one on one time we get to spend with each actor is really helpful! I am currently representing many actors I have found through The Network Studio East. I highly recommend taking a seminar through Josh, you will not be disappointed!"
Erica Moran - Avalon Artists
"The Network Studio East is a great place to meet both NYC and LA casting directors. Their workshop provides actors the opportunity to introduce themselves to many casting offices, as well the chance to learn invaluable information on the casting process, what we tend to look for in readings and how to prepare for auditions."
Toby Guidry - Burrows/Bowland Casting