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These are some links that may be helpful when getting started.

Mary Lee - An amazing Headshot photographer in New York & New Jersey

Your Studio Productions - Los Angeles Intensives

La Guardia Acting - Professional Acting School for teens & Adults in Northern, New Jersey.

The Actors Source - Online Acting Workshops & Evaluations

Philip Kessler - one of the best headshot photographers in NY!

Archetype DVD - offers dvd/cd duplication and other services for actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, and other artists.

Studio Act Reel - Scene study, improv, and character development classes from one of the most sought after youth and young adult coaches in Los Angeles, Bruce Ducat. Specifically for teens and adults.

Actors Access - The actors' side of Breakdown Services. Where casting directors put their breakdowns and actors can submit to them.

Showfax - Where to go to get sides, information on acting, and a lot more!

LA Casting- Also a place where casting directors list breakdowns, and actors can self submit.

NY Casting - The NY sibling of LA Casting

Craigslist - Lists everything from apartments for rent to acting breakdowns- a great resource that is city-specific

Now Casting - Run for actors, by actors, it lists breakdowns that actors can self submit to.

Actor Paper -For all your resume needs- Actor Paper provides reasonably priced pre-cut 8X 10 paper so you never have to cut your own again!